The Countdown Begins for The World CBD Awards in Barcelona

The Countdown Begins for the World CBD Awards in Barcelona


For a billion dollars, you could purchase 1000 particle accelerators. You could take a trip around the world in a luxury jet with 48 of your closest friends. You could fly to space for a 10-day vacation on the International Space Station — twenty times. A billion dollars is a lot of money, but it’s only one seventh of what North America spent on CBD products in 2021 ($7.7 billion). 

The demand for CBD products is staggering. What’s more impressive is the volume of companies creating CBD products to meet that demand.

While there are thousands of manufacturers, there are only a select few crafting high-quality products built on science and transparency. This realization inspired the creation of the World CBD Awards. 

Celebrating Excellence Oct. 18-21

Now in its second year, this event was designed to recognize and encourage excellence in CBD production.

The event’s aim is to create standards and accountability in the CBD market while highlighting exceptional brands built on trust and transparency. 

What’s Happening at the World CBD Awards?

This year’s event takes place in Barcelona, Spain Oct. 18-21. Day one features an evening meet and greet with other attendees and exhibitors.

Day two is the B2B portion of the event, including a full day expo and networking opportunities.

Day three features several speakers leading into a gala dinner and the highly anticipated award ceremony. It culminates in a late-night afterparty celebrating the award recipients.

Finally, day four is all about networking and making lasting connections.

How Are Nominees Judged?

Every brand submits products to a panel of third-party industry professionals.

Judges examine products physically and compare lab reports, research panels, and safety protocols to determine which products offer superior quality, transparency, and efficacy. 

Tickets Still Available

Three tiers of tickets are available on the event website. A B2B Expo ticket is ideal for industry-focused attendees, while the full access event ticket covers networking opportunities, the keynote conference, the formal gala and award show, as well as a high-class Barcelona afterparty.

Whether you’re attending one day or all four, there’s still time to secure your tickets.

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