A Smart Drawer for Every Store: Security Solutions for Retailers

A Smart Drawer for Every Store: Security Solutions for Retailers


For cannabis retailers, unsecured product is a liability. Not only is it a compliance issue, but it’s also a security concern. In most legalized states, all commercial cannabis must be secured by a lock. The same applies to cash.

This can mean unsightly, bulky cabinets, safes, and other storage options that may not fit the aesthetic of the establishment. For those who would like to customize cabinets and drawers that fit their design, adding locks to existing furniture may be the best solution. 

Lock and Key

Once the lock is in place, who gets a key? Retailers need to accurately monitor who is accessing secured goods and when. IoT-equipped locks are the future, offering accountability and transparency for business owners. One company specializing in advanced security controls is Senseon. 

It offers customized IoT-enabled locking options for existing drawers and displays. Business owners can set who has access to which drawers and keep an accurate log of who accessed them and when. This is crucial when there’s a security breach or when the compliance auditor comes knocking.

In the event of a theft, retailers can correlate security footage with data from Senseon to speed up the investigation process. Smart security offers insight into traffic levels for each drawer, peak activity windows, and user activity. This kind of reporting is another tool in the retailer’s arsenal, enabling decisions about efficiency and potential gaps in security. 

With locked displays, retailers can showcase inventory on the sales floor, allowing sales professionals to spend more time with customers and less time looking for merchandise behind closed doors. Plus, data collected from the Senseon system allows retailers to understand which products are most popular, which employees are most productive, and how to optimize the flow of customer traffic. If you’re concerned about a particularly valuable area, try the dual authorization feature. Two staff members with valid credentials have to be present at the same time to access the secure area. 


Senseon is offering three tiers of programming: Senseon One, Senseon Plus, and Senseon Core. The first option offers auto relock (for forgetful staff members), simplified key management, and high-strength security. 

The “Plus” option provides a user audit trail, dual authentication, discrete access, and easy configuration. It also syncs data to the cloud, so business owners can oversee operations from anywhere in the world. Finally, with “Core,” retailers are given enterprise cabinet-level security with a broader access control network.

This upgrade doesn’t require any changes to existing infrastructure, no additional software, and includes electronic cabinet locks. If you’re not sure which is a fit, the company’s online configurator can help. Users type in their cabinet and drawer specifications and are matched with the custom solutions.

Whether you’re just entering the dispensary business or upgrading your current systems,
a security upgrade like this is another step toward peace of mind, compliance accountability, and greater efficiency in your operating procedures. 

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