Minnesota Hemp Market Abuzz After New Law

Minnesota Hemp Market Abuzz After New Law


minnesota buzzing after legal win

This month’s enactment of HF 4065, a Minnesota bill that defines legal THC thresholds on a per-serving and per-package basis for “edible cannabinoid products,” has emboldened major actors in the state’s hemp industry to invest in expansion.

As Marijuana Moment reported, Governor Tim Walz (D) visited Hemp Acres—one of Minnesota’s largest cannabis processing centers—soon after HF 4065 was enacted, offering support to the farmers and expressing his hopes for the economic boon this new climate may provide.

The U.S. Hemp Roundtable celebrates on two counts, because the regulatory guidance they were hoping for in this case—guidance that would more clearly delineate which cannabinoids and/or products are subject to the new law—was delivered by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy.

A FAQ document released by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy on June 30th explains that the new law applies to “Any non-intoxicating cannabinoid product intended for human or animal consumption” and “Edible cannabinoids, which are defined … as products that are intended to be eaten or consumed as beverages by humans, contain a cannabinoid in combination with food ingredients, and are not drugs.”

The document also clarifies several important points relating to how cannabinoid products are approved and regulated, what the revised labeling and other requirements are, and more.

On a broader level, seeing finer lines drawn between non-intoxicating compounds like CBD and intoxicating compounds like THC within state legislatures signals a major stride in creating a less divisive, more incisive approach to these substances and products.

As always, we will continue to update you on how the situation unfolds in Minnesota, alongside state-level and national updates on all things hemp legislation. 

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