New Tobacco-Free Gummed Wrappers Innovate Blunt Space

New Tobacco-Free Gummed Wrappers Innovate Blunt Space

Companies looking for a more sustainable, tobacco-free, and cost-effective alternative to traditional foil-wrapped blunt wraps now have a new option: Botani Gummed Wrappers.

Botani Gummer Wrappers

Traditional blunt wrap papers come in single-use foil packages to keep them from drying out.

Botani’s gummed wrappers use proprietary technology to eliminate foil packaging, offering a more sustainable and cost-effective smoking experience.

The wraps are ideal for blunt applications and moisture optimized for slow burning, safe storage, and an extended shelf-life.

Alex Boone, managing director at Botani, said the new wraps may help lower costs for new entrants to the cannabis market.

“The technology behind Botani’s natural hemp flower gummed wrappers helps roll-your-own tobacco-influenced brands make a seamless entrance into the cannabis market without adding costly new machinery or storage solutions,” Boone said.

This is another step forward for bringing hemp to a wider array of commercial applications.

“Our time-tested sustainable processes for reconstituting hemp into natural hemp wrappers lets our customers scale quickly without compromising the quality or consistency that their customers and cannabis connoisseurs have come to expect and appreciate,” Boone said. 

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