Why Cheap CBD Oil Isn’t Worth It

Why Cheap CBD Oil Isn’t Worth It


Cheap CBD oils are everywhere — but are they worth the hype?

You can find them in wellness stores, sports centers, headshops, and even at gas stations.

The online space is full of cheap CBD oils that promise to solve all your health concerns for a bargain price.

Sounds too good to be true?

You bet!

It’s not that you can’t find good deals and appealing discounts on high-quality CBD oil. But expecting wonders from cheap and untested products? That’s more of naivety.

In this article, we explain why cheap CBD oils are a common trap for first-time buyers, how to avoid them, and where to look for the best discounts on premium CBD.

Cheap CBD Oil: A Real Deal or Bad Oxymoron?

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The production of CBD oil is expensive — so you may expect higher prices than for your average OTC supplements.

Everything from organic hemp, CO2 extraction, skilled lab workers, a third-party testing facility, and a team of dedicated customer service comes with a cost.

Organic farms are more expensive when it comes to maintenance.

The CO2 extraction equipment costs around $150,000 — not to mention the salaries of lab technicians and analysts.

Lab testing isn’t free, either.

Long story short, cheap CBD oil is definitely a bad oxymoron.

Some salesy terms are evergreen when it comes to persuasion. People often fall for phrases like ‘free,’ ‘cheap,’ or ‘fast results.’ We’re taught not to delay gratification nowadays, and many CBD brands are taking advantage of that.

Don’t want to become a victim?

Read on.

Why Are Some CBD Oils Cheap?

There’s a reason why cheap CBD oils are cheap. It’s not that some guys in the CBD space are altruists with a mission to create cheap products for everyone.

If your potential supplier promises cheap CBD oil, be aware that they probably cut corners in at least one aspect of production — which is a positive scenario.

More often than not, there’s a whole litany of bad choices behind cheap CBD oils.

Here’s why some CBD oils have such low price tags.

Low-Quality Hemp

Cheap CBD oils are usually made with mass-produced hemp that comes from overseas — mostly from china. Such plants are grown in contaminated soil and are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides to increase yields in the shortest timespan possible.

Since hemp plants are dynamic bioaccumulators — they absorb every substance from their environment — these contaminants will later pass into the final product.

As a result, you’ll be ingesting pesticides, heavy metals, and toxic solvent residue from your cheap CBD oil.

Of course, manufacturers can further refine the oil and purge it from the undesired compounds. However, doing so will compromise the potency and the overall phytochemical profile of your product.

Hazardous Extraction Methods

CO2 extraction is the golden standard, but as mentioned earlier, it’s also the most expensive extraction method out there.

CBD brands making cheap oils turn to less expensive solvents, but again, the lower price comes at the expense of quality and safety.

Most cheap CBD oils are extracted with hydrocarbons, such as butane, hexane, or propane. These solvents are highly flammable and difficult to purge, so the final product may contain dangerous residue at the bottom.

No Third-Party Lab Testing

How can you confirm the potency and purity of your CBD oil if you have no hard proof? Third-party testing is the only way to ensure CBD oils contain the declared amount of CBD and are free from contaminants, such as pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, microbial impurities, and mold.

Brands that don’t test their CBD oils in third-party laboratories either do it on purpose or are unaware of the unregulated nature of the hemp industry — both of which are bad for your health.

Synthetic Additives

Having been on the market for over 5 years now, we’ve seen many ‘unusual’ products, to put it lightly. Some cheap CBD oils contain ingredients that no sane mind would ever include.

Think of humidity regulators, preservatives, emulsifiers, and other fillers that are used to improve the ‘bag appeal’ of your product. In fact, they’re just there to make appearances.

If you see any suspicious ingredients in your CBD oil, it’s a red flag and a sign the manufacturer doesn’t have your best interest in mind.

No CBD at All

Remember when we mentioned the lack of regulations on the market? This doesn’t apply only to the purity of cheap CBD oils but also to their potency. As reported in 2019 by California researchers, up to 80% of tested CBD oil samples had significantly less CBD than advertised on the bottle.

If your CBD oil doesn’t contain the declared amount of CBD, how can you estimate the dosage and plan your supplementation?

Why Are TruLife Changers Products More Expensive Than Cheap CBD Oils?

Image of TruLife Changers products in white background

At TruLife Changers, we go above and beyond to ensure the top-shelf quality of our extracts. This isn’t a child’s play; it also requires greater investments in the right ingredients and qualified people to get the job done right.

That’s why our products are slightly more expensive than most CBD oil you’ll find on the market.

But, once you know what’s included in the price, it becomes clear why the TruLife Changers collection wears a higher price tag.

Here’s how we do it:

Organic Farming

The quality of CBD oil starts from the seeds. We use non-GMO hemp plants from our friendly farmers in Colorado to get high-CBD, clean flowers — a perfect sourcing material. You won’t find any pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals in our extracts. Just the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

CO2 Extraction

5-star products call for similar solutions. We’re aware that the CO2 extraction equipment can be expensive — and so is the cost of hiring the right people to operate it. We’re not afraid of investing in our products; we came to terms with higher upfront costs because we believed it would pay off with satisfied and returning customers. We’re able to provide pure and consistently potent extracts without relying on high temperatures or hazardous solvents.

Batch-Specific Certificates of Analysis

Every product batch we release has to go through rigorous third-party testing in an ISO-certified laboratory. We check the potency of CBD, the entire cannabinoid and terpene profile, as well as the purity. The lab analysis shows results for common contaminants like the aforementioned pesticides, heavy metals, mold, solvents, and mycotoxins.

We send a batch-specific certificate of analysis (COA) with each order so that you know what you’re buying from the start.

Biologically Appropriate Ingredients

TruLife Changers oils are made with biologically appropriate ingredients.

This means we’d never put something that goes against our health-conscious philosophy. Our full-spectrum CBD oils contain only two ingredients: CBD extract and MCT oil.

In flavored variants, we use terpenes and natural flavorings to mask the distinct flavor of CBD oils for those with delicate taste buds.

You won’ find any preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers, humidity regulators, or artificial flavorings in our products.

Zero BS here.

Well-Thought-Out Formulas

We’re aware of the opportunities given to us by the whole-plant synergy from full-spectrum CBD extracts. But our journey to helping you biohack your body and mind doesn’t end there.

We formulate our products with other supportive natural ingredients that work in tandem with CBD to address specific health needs.

We’ve just released a line of CBD gummies that use different blends of cannabinoids and adaptogens to help you gain more energy and focus, support restorative sleep, and bolster your immunity.

How to Get Discounts on Premium CBD

CBD Oil with a dropper in white background.

Looking for ways to save on premium CBD products without falling for cheap CBD oils? At TruLife Changers, we offer a few options to make your shopping less expensive.

Sign Up for Our Newsletter

When you sign up for the TruLife Changers Newsletter, you’ll receive 15% off your first order.

Choose Subscription Payments

Don’t want to go through that repetitive process every time you need to restock? Our subscription payments offer a convenient way to renew your supplies — and we give you another 15% discount for your order. Choose how often you’d like to receive your new arrivals and enjoy lower prices.

We also offer bulk pricing that aligns with the subscription model, saving you even more money on your products.

Join the Royalty Reward Program

This is the best option to save money on CBD oil if you’re a returning customer. Each purchase at TruLife Changers gives you special crowns. You can later spend them on your next order to get a special discount — or even buy a product for free.

Final Thoughts on Cheap CBD Oils

Cheap CBD oils exist, but they’re not what you think they are. Such products usually fall short of quality and safety standards; after all, nobody will sell premium-quality products at a loss.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t save on decent CBD oils. If you buy from trustworthy suppliers, you can count on at least a few ways to reduce the costs – from subscription payments to reward programs, bulk pricing, and newsletter discounts.

Always pay attention to how much CBD is in your product, what the other ingredients are, where it’s been sourced from, and whether it comes with an up-to-date certificate of analysis from an independent laboratory.

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