The Future of the Cannabis Social Network

The Future of the Cannabis Social Network


New apps are making it easier to connect over cannabis.

As social platforms increase in number and decrease in usefulness, it’s exciting when a new app fills a needed niche. Buddy Jane, a social networking app, was built to connect the cannabis community. The app allows users to share their passion for cannabis without the risk of being flagged or deleted for being cannabis-related.

The Buddy Jane app offers a fully immersive, judgment-free community where cannabis is not only welcome, it is the major focus. 

Beyond Social

Unlike other popular social apps, this concept spans beyond social, offering unique and completely new targets with relevant ads and emerging technologies directed at a youthful, cannabis-friendly, tech-savvy community.

As the first social platform to integrate blockchain and partner with a cannabis-inspired cryptocurrency, Buddy Jane has a program to offer specific crypto benefits and discounts. The app partnered with Potcoin Rewards, a program developed to increase customer retention and offer “Social Token” rewards for engagement. People can access exclusive content, earn discounts with retailers, send friends points, and reward influencers with points for content and livestreams.  

This creates a fully inclusive ecosystem within the Buddy Jane platform and a sustainable space for the community and industry to grow together. Potcoin is a stable coin being launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a massive vehicle, not just for crypto, but also NFTs.

NFT Marketplace

Buddy Jane’s NFT Marketplace and subsequent launches will create new opportunities for future NFT trading. The app is rolling out its first NFT launch with emerging brands, offering an NFT strain release for Grape Illusion by Dallas D. of Duke’s Highgrade. This is a brand new and special strain cultivated at Natura Life + Sciences. The company is most notable for their work in creating the internationally known “Grape Ape.”

This first of its kind NFT launch specifically entails the ownership of the “DNA” as attributed by COA and full blockchain of custody ownership of the strain genetics that will be traced through a DNA certificate of authenticity.

NFTs may be the most simple and authentic way to hold ownership. Buddy Jane reports that they will also have a schedule of collectible NFT releases hosted on the platform. It will be exciting to see what other types of cannabis intellectual property are monetized through these technologies. 

Video Chat Messaging

Features like secure video chat messaging are also being used in a whole new and thoughtful way, offering direct consumer/patient communication and consultations. This could help with remote diagnosis of patients, as well as offer livestream video for a variety of channel content and group videos for exclusive viewer-directed content.

Bud Finder

The Bud Finder feature offers a canna-business directory with more than 16,000 locations. The Bud Finder also allows business owners in the space to list for free. It’s a one-stop social experience for cannabis businesses and enthusiasts alike. ϖ

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