Innovative Cannabis Products From Summer 2021

Innovative Cannabis Products From Summer 2021


Auto Flower Infeed by Green Vault Systems – Automation is a gateway to freedom. Reclaim the time you spend manually feeding flower into your Green Vault Systems Precision Batcher with their new Auto Flower Infeed. Its pocketed elevator conveyor works to efficiently move flower up to the batcher feed positions and distribute product based on priority. Have your Infeed delivered with a new Green Vault Systems Precision Batcher or add it to your existing unit. The only question now is what will you do with all that free time? Starting at $70,000

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Plastic-Alternative Packaging by The Packaging Company – Sativa Power’s eco-friendly tins are a sustainable way to stash prerolls, cartridges, and more. The ASTM-compliant tins are customizable and plastic free. Premium products need premium packaging, so what’s stopping you from elevating your brand? See website for consultation.

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Ebb by Tastebudz – Cool off this summer by making a refreshing drink using ebb THC dissolvable packets. Ebb uses sustainable packaging made of recyclable cardboard with less than .3 grams of plastic. Take a sip, relax, and enjoy your summer the right way. Enjoy a variety of flavors, such as Electrolyte-Enhanced Wildberry, Immunity Support Orange Mango, Pink Lemonade, and the flavorless Pure. Pack of 10/10mg ebb stick-box $20 

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Dichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol by Hardy Diagnostics – The pandemic highlighted to the world how the smallest interaction with a contaminated substance can have huge consequences. The same is true in the cannabis industry. Hardy Diagnostics’ Dichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol is an excellent media for the culture and isolation of a broad spectrum of yeast and molds. With more people waking up to the dangers of pathogenic molds, screening tools have never been more important. $37

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PAX Era Life – Pax Labs made its name in the cannabis vaporizer industry by creating reliable, affordable, and aesthetically-pleasing devices, perfect for active cannabis consumers who want their fix on the go. PAX Era Life delivers an effortless, easy-to-use experience without compromising on flavor, vapor, or consistency. A sleek and slender design makes the vaporizer discreet. Just pop in a pod and hit the road with your new favorite travel companion. $35 

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NP-P20A Tablet Press by Natoli Engineering Company, Inc. – This single-station hydraulic tablet press is a fan favorite in the cannabis industry for low-volume tablet manufacturing, as well as marginal formulations that require deep-fill dies. The NP-P20A was designed for small scale production and meets the U.S.D.A. requirements for batch reporting and secure data management under the CFR 21 Part 11 compliance. Enjoy consistent pellet and tablet thickness, unique and custom tablet shapes, and consistent weight control. Now available with Natoli AIM Pro Data Acquisition and Analysis Software to plot tableting and formulation characteristics. See website for pricing.

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HAMR Cold Start Dab Rig by Myster – With the HAMR Rig’s futuristic, handheld design, one dab of concentrated cannabis will surely take you out of this world. The bundle conveniently includes everything you need to make a perfect dab: a silicone base, a slanted glass pipe, Quartz finger banger, SABR Torch Lighter, stainless steel dabber, a bubble cap, and a secure, zip-up carrying case. $149

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Biomass Refinement System by Tom’s Tumbler – Thomas Bruggemann invented Tom’s Tumbler to create products that help growers save time and money by making their work easier. Eight years later, Tom’s Tumbler is still creating new, innovative processing solutions. Their Biomass Refinement System transforms biomass into beautiful kief and homogenous trim in a matter of minutes with the multi-vacuumed Refiner. Making edibles is a breeze, as the kief is conveniently extracted into sterile containers for use. For a complete processing system, add the Biomass Refiner to Tom’s Tumbler Python Trimmer and D-LEEFER $35,000

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GRAV Gravitron – GRAV revolutionized how we smoke cannabis with their all-glass gravity bong, and now they’re back at it with better-than-ever updates. The new version is improved from the top down. A ground-glass joint and a platinum-cured silicone grommet create a tighter seal and guarantee zero smoke loss. Try the Medium Graviton ($70), 9-inches tall with a 14 mm funnel bowl, or level up to the Large Gravitron ($90) standing at 11-inches in height with a 19 mm funnel bowl. 

Ozark Mountain Medicine Hemp Flower by Bio Gen LLC – These terpene-rich pre-rolls are hand-tended by Bio Gen founder Bill Morgan, who has 40 years of organic growing experience. Each OBK pre-roll contains an enticing blend of CBG, Bubba Kush, and Ozark grown in a proprietary living soil blend. Or try Bill’s Blend of 16 different cultivars, offering an entourage of cannabinoid complexity. No fillers. No flavor additives. All love. 5 pack, 1.5-gram pre-rolls $28

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SentryIQ Grow Room Environment Controls by Surna – To cultivate a product you can be proud of, the needs of your plant must be met. SentrylQ Grow Room Environment Controls make growing a whole lot easier by creating an optimal environment for plants to flourish. Monitor and record temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD, and cooling loop zone performance utilizing sophisticated sequencing with predictive algorithms to control temperature and humidity. You’ll be happy your cannabis is thriving, your customers will be happy with the end result, and, most of all, your plants will be happy, too. That’s a win-win in our book. Inquire at for pricing. 

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ZIPPZ CBD – ZIPPZ Inc. acknowledges the unique needs of every individual customer and knows that age, lifestyle choices, health conditions, and gender all play a role in how CBD affects our physiology. Prior to purchasing, customers take an assessment to find the precise CBD and botanical formulas for their sleep and stress needs. ZIPPZ ships a customized trial pack of up to four formulas. Sample the products, find what you love, and buy a bottle specifically tailored to your unique needs. The trial pack with 4 customized products is $39 — but 100% of the cost is deducted from the purchase of a full-size bottle of 60 softgels, which start at $79 for a monthly subscription. 

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Curaleaf Select Squeeze – This fast-acting THC-infused beverage enhancer uses nano-emulsification technology to transform any beverage into a THC drink. Feel the effects in as little as 15-30 minutes. Select Squeeze comes in an assortment of delicious flavors, making it the perfect base to experiment with. Become your own cannabis mixologist, test new flavor concoctions, and find your new favorite go-to summer drink. Each bottle contains 150 mg of THC. $35

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Hydrology9 NX from Cloudious9 – This beautifully designed vaporizer works with both cannabis concentrate and flower. The water-filtered vape has six temperature settings and features a switchable concentrate atomizer and convection flower heating chamber. The vaporizer uses an advanced sensor to immediately recognize either the concentrate or flower heating chamber, automatically adjusting temperature to the vaporization profile to either concentrate or flower. You’ll love this versatile vaporizer whether you’re enjoying a night in or showing off to your friends. $300 for both chambers or $270 for either flower or concentrate. 

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Mode – No need to worry about accidentally overestimating your dose. With Mode, the world’s first smart cannabis dosing device and companion app, you’re in control of your experience. This powerful tool for health and wellness offers an Inhale & Exhale Haptic Guidance feature so users know precisely when to stop inhaling to receive their preferred dose. Simply put your cartridge into the device, set it to the dose you want, and you’re good to go. Mode has universal 510 cannabis cartridge compatibility and is now available for preorder. $100

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The L1T K1T by Goodwood – Beautifully made in the Niagara region of Ontario, Goodwood’s portable joint-rolling L1T K1T is an essential buy for any eco-friendly cannabis enthusiast. The L1T K1T includes a concave area to roll joints, one grinder, one pack of P4PRS, four tins for different strains, one PØKE, one lighter, and one compartment for rolled joints. Enjoy this product knowing that eleven trees are planted for every L1T K1T sold. $130

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