Finding Lighting Solutions for More Than Just Your Grow

Finding Lighting Solutions for More Than Just Your Grow


Most of us learned during elementary school science projects that plants need light to grow.

Plants also need light in order to sell. You wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on a wedding ring if the lighting in the showroom were dim.

The same goes for cannabis. If someone pulls out flower for you to examine, the lighting matters.

Luna Cultivation Consultants specifies and sells lighting for dispensaries and cultivation facilities — from grow rooms to showrooms, as well as offices, hallways, and parking areas.

Luna Cultivation Consultants Founder and CEO Dañiel Luna-Fuller. All photos courtesy of Luna Consultants.

Founder and CEO Dañiel Luna-Fuller retired from her post as an engineer in the military and spent 10 years in the lighting industry before she started her business in 2017.

Within a year she was working with cannabis customers. 

When thinking about lighting for cannabis customers, most people probably think of light used to grow the actual plants. And while lighting the grow house is critical, it’s so much more than that.

Here, Luna-Fuller illuminates the significance of lighting solutions in the world of cannabis.

Why does cannabis lighting matter?

Growing cannabis isn’t easy. Proper lighting is just as essential to your plants as getting the proper nutrients they need to grow.

In other words, growing cannabis with a $100 light you bought off Amazon probably won’t cut it. 

How can a grower find the right lighting system?

Finding the right lighting system depends a lot on the grow space, your budget, and your goals.

We understand plants, their grow stages, and the type of lighting needed for a successful crop. In addition, we work with electricians familiar with the industry and can assist in sourcing installers. 

Why is lighting important for dispensaries?

Lighting for dispensaries is crucial.

For one, security is always going to be an issue anytime cannabis is involved. When cannabis became legal in Illinois, many dispensaries saw lines down the block.

A well-lit building, including the parking lot and entrance, provides much-needed security. In addition, in the dispensary itself, the right lighting in a showroom lends a sense of cleanliness and class. 

How does a “one-stop shop” philosophy benefit growers and dispensary owners?

The lighting supply chain and grow supply chain are different beasts. Yet, cannabis cultivators have to deal with both.

Luna Consultants modeled itself after big lighting distributors, and we took the extra step of helping growers and dispensary owners learn what they need and why.

That’s because traditional electricians don’t know the intricacies of grow lighting. Does light output change with voltage? Can you daisy-chain lights in a growhouse?

We answer those questions. We not only supply the lights, but we coordinate the install, ensuring that our customers have the right type of lights and the best setup for growing, showing, and selling your cannabis products.

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