High-End Holiday Gifts for the Cannabis Lover in Your Life

High-End Holiday Gifts for the Cannabis Lover in Your Life


If luxurious baubles and sensational scents, rather than snackable edibles, are the way to your significant other’s heart this holiday season, below is a list of exquisite gift ideas for the cannabis consumer in your life. 

If diamonds are a bit out of your budget this Christmas, delight the cannabis cutie on your naughty or nice list with these faux leather, vegan, and cruelty-free, forest green earrings.

Polished off with gold plated brass studs, each pair are handcrafted by a female-owned-and-operated business, Camera line in Los Angeles. 

“As seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and artists, we are loud and proud of this magical plant,” says Camera line designer Caroline Murphy. 

There is no better way to support an artisan’s small business and proudly let your cannabis flag fly than by picking up a pair of these beauties to wear to the Emerald Cup

From Italian luxury perfumer Bois 1920’s cannabis collection comes Cannabis Fruttata.

With top notes of origan, rosemary, and fig leaves; heart notes of Cannabis, Blueberry, and Lily of the Valley; and base notes of patchouli, ambergris, and Cedarwood, this delicious complex perfume is a journey unto itself. 

For those who prefer the more traditional, straightforward scent of Cannabis, this earthy, classic scent is a modern twist of the expression of cannabis flower.

A slightly impudent perfume, surprisingly seductive and intriguing with a top note of cannabis, heart notes of cannabis and patchouli, base notes of light woods, and – you guessed it – even more cannabis!

Both scents retail for $185 and are made in Italy. 

Cannador is a swank stash box that functions as a humidor to keep smaller amounts of cannabis separated and fresh. It includes glass cups that contain adjustable, ventilated lids and airtight lids.

The box set includes four 0.25 ounce glass cups (or up to 1/2 oz ground), adjustable ventilated lids, airtight lids, lock, and key.

It has a double-fitted rim and tight seal to prevent odor leakage, a nook to hold accouterments, and a hidden magnet closure. Cannador retains for $219 but is currently on sale at Bloomingdale’s. 

A traditional rolling pin with a cheeky pot leaf pattern makes a unique, funny gift for the baker in your life. Baking with an embossed rolling pin is fun!

The rolling pins are an optimum size with a large engraving surface.

They measure 15.8” (40 cm), including the handles. The embossing part is 7.5” (19 cm),  and the diameter is 2.4” (6 cm).

This laser engraved, hand-polished rolling pin is made of beech wood. It is sealed with a protective wood conditioner made from organic food-grade oil.

Because this is a natural wood product, color variations might differ from what is depicted. 

There might also be visible wood rings on the engraved surface.

Different sizes of this baking staple are available on Etsy from multiple sellers

Nannette de Gaspé’s Bain Noir Cannabis Sativa Bath Soak Treatment is a 16-ounce bath soak that relaxes, soothes, and hydrates the skin.

With key ingredients of cannabis Sativa oil and meadowfoam seed oil, this luxurious, cruelty-free bath soak is free of parabens. This gooey, jet-black product is strangely evocative of S&M play anal beads and retails for $275.00. 

Cannabis Santal by fresh is a sensual woodsy fragrance that “captures the raw energy of desire,” according to fresh.

Retailing for $90, with top notes of bergamot, Brazilian orange, black plum, middle notes of patchouli, cannabis accord, rose and bottom notes of chocolate, vetiver, vanilla musk, this cloying scent will not be easily forgotten.

Rumor has it that Bruce Willis orders this scent by the case.

Lev Glazman, fresh’s co-founder, likens the smell of Cannabis Santal to the feeling of hating to tear yourself away from your sleeping lover. 

Even the most bougie, discerning person on your list will love one of these cheeky cannabis-inspired products. 

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