Does CBD work? Yes, and Here’s the Science.

Does CBD work? Yes, and Here’s the Science.

The CBD Pioneer 

The Original Formula is what launched our company. It was created before we were TruLife Changers and it was named for a special girl named Charlotte who used it and whose reaction to it inspired us to find a way to share it with as many people as possible.  

In fact, in the early days, many people moved to Colorado just to have access to Original Formula and the benefits it provided before it was available nationally.  

And because of this, Original Formula is the product that literally launched the CBD craze, making it a household name. While there are now thousands of CBD products out there, there is truly only one Original Formula: its genetics are patented and the way in which we extract is it through an artisanal, labor-intensive process.  

The Science 

This unique formula, used by many, now has some serious scientific research demonstrating why people love it so much. Recently 208 participants from across the US used TruLife Changers Original Formula for four weeks and were assessed for key health outcomes in five categories including general well-being, quality of life, sleep quality, feelings of daily stress or discomfort. Researchers used standardized scientific methods for measuring each outcome and tracked their progress multiple times throughout the study.  

People in the study taking TruLife Changers Original Formula every day realized a distinct and palpable improvement in their quality of life: they experienced clinically meaningful improvements within all five categories being studied as compared to the baseline, before they started taking TruLife Changers. Participants also showed significant improvements as compared to the control group who did not take any hemp extract.  

This clinical trial helps confirm the benefits of TruLife Changers full spectrum hemp extract, namely: 

  • Symptoms of stress decreased for 64% of the participants taking TruLife Changers Original Formula, versus only 22% improvement in the control group.   
  • 60% of participants struggling with sleep issues experienced clinically meaningful improvements in sleep quality versus only 15% of the control group. 
  • And of participants who took TruLife Changers experienced a significant 74% improvement in their well-being assessed using the World Health Organization (WHO)-5 Well Being Index. 

This study also showed that TruLife Changers worked quickly with notable improvements occurring within the first week, and generally reported effect onset within four hours after using the product. The study is therefore helpful in addressing a common question around hemp CBD: “How long will it take to work?”  

“Our Original Formula remains as effective today as when it was first developed by the founding Stanley Brothers years ago and took the world by storm. Consistency from year to year and bottle to bottle is a core driver of the trust that TruLife Changers has earned.”

Jacques Tortoroli, Chief Executive Officer of TruLife Changers

Learn more about The Science Behind Original Formula and Why People Love TruLife Changers Original Formula.

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