The 2021 CBD Awards | The CBD Insider

The 2021 CBD Awards | The CBD Insider


CBD Awards 2021

Welcome to our 2021 CBD Awards!

After dozens of brand and product reviews conducted this year, this is our chance to recognize those who truly outperformed the competition in the following categories:

  • Best CBD Oil
  • Best CBD Gummy
  • Best CBD Topical
  • Best CBD Capsules
  • Best THC-Free Product
  • Best CBG Product
  • Best CBN Product
  • Best Value
  • Best Pet CBD
  • Most Innovative
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best CBD Brand

As always, we promise to uphold real merit as the only currency here; no brand can buy their way onto this list with anything other than high-quality products and practices. 

Since the competition is thickening all the time as industry newbies swagger their way onto the scene while the titans wrestle for supremacy, we had to get a little technical in our ranking methodology to separate some razor-thin margins.

CBD Awards of 2021: Table of Contents

  1. Our Ranking Criteria
  2. Best CBD Oil
  3. Best CBD Gummy

Our Ranking Criteria

In the case of individual brand reviews we conduct throughout the year, we use these criteria to provide each brand an overall score out of 100 points.

Understandably, the more specific superlatives we’re doling out today require modified versions of these criteria, but the heart is very much the same.

To provide a few examples of the factors we borrowed from our brand review criteria, the products listed below are being recognized for their balanced and potent cannabinoid profiles, sustainability and quality of sourcing (organic?), overall value, extract availability (full-spectrum and broad-spectrum?), and more.

Alright, the host has babbled enough, the stage is set, and the nominees are fidgeting in their seats—let’s get to the awards!

Best CBD Oil: Cornbread Hemp

Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil


375mg/.5oz (25mg/serving)

750mg/1oz (25mg/serving)

1500mg/1oz (50mg/serving)


375mg/.5oz: $34.99

750mg/1oz: $64.99

1500mg/1oz: $109.99

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Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Organic Hemp Extract

Just when we thought we had the hemp industry giants settled perfectly into their rankings, in saunters relative newcomer Cornbread Hemp, unabashedly slamming their flower-only, full-spectrum, USDA Organic CBD oil on the table as if to say “deal with it” to the rest of the industry. 

After reviewing the brand, sampling the products, meeting the founder, and thoroughly poking through the fine print, we have verified that all of their lofty claims are actually true.

This is one of only two products we’ve ever reviewed to hit all of the “big three” quality indicators at once (flower only, organic, full-spectrum), and like many industry leaders pushing for stronger tinctures, this one provides 50mg/2mg of CBD/THC per serving.

Better yet, the Kentucky hemp farms that Cornbread Hemp partners with are rain-fed, and they sit on a massive limestone deposit that improves soil and water quality.

Best CBD Gummy: Five CBD

Full-Spectrum CBD + THC Daily Buzz Gummies


20 count: 500mg/100mg CBD/THC

40 count: 1000mg/200mg CBD/THC

60 count: 1500mg/300mg CBD/THC


20 Count: $39.99 ($0.08/mg)

40 Count: $59.99 ($0.06/mg)

60 Count:$75.99 ($0.05/mg)


Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Pectin, Citric acid, Natural Flavors and Colors, Vegetable Oil, Carnauba Wax

Like most of their products, Five CBD boast a 5:1 CBD to supporting cannabinoid ratio along with unabashedly generous amounts of THC per serving.

Five CBD’s Daily Buzz gummies are especially potent, providing 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC each.

Third-party lab reports attest to the strong synergy of supporting cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and CBC, which approaches a combined 5mg per gummy.

As our team of testers personally experienced, the brand’s claim of “CBD you can feel” is accurate, as these gummies significantly boosted all the major benefits of CBD.

For all this, Five remains well under $0.10/mg for even the smallest size, which is an extremely strong value, gummies or otherwise.

Honorable Mention: CBDistillery

Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil


900mg (30mg x 30)


Organic Cane Sugar, Water, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Pectin (Pectin, Sucrose, Citric Acid, Sodium citrate), Organic Natural Flavors, Citric acid, Organic Lemon oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Terpenes

Following closely behind is CBDistillery’s full-spectrum CBD gummies, which boast 30mg of CBD each and a clean ingredient list rife with natural and organic ingredients.

Exceeding 25mg/gummy is commonplace nowadays, but in addition to CBDistillery’s rock-solid pedigree and overall brand value, we chose this product because the supporting cannabinoid presence is still well above average (7:1 ratio of CBD to other cannabinoids).

Finally, at $60.00 for 900mg, these gummies offer a very solid value for the quality.

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