Celeb Sightings at Hall of Flowers

Celeb Sightings at Hall of Flowers


California-based cannabis B2B trade show, Hall of Flowers, attracted its fair share of buyers, consumers, and celebrities alike at its latest live iteration of the popular event in Santa Rosa, California on September 22-23.  

Light Culture Podcaster David Hershkovits interviews rapper Problem at the Burb booth during Hall of Flowers.  Image ©Caroline Murphy / @VirginiaIsForTokers

Rapper Problem, who was born in Germany and raised in Compton, CA  was lampin’ like whaaat in the outdoor Burb booth doing podcasts with David Hershkovits, the former owner of Paper Mag.

Dascha Polanco who portrays Dayanara Diaz on Orange Is the New Black was in the house, dropping hints for her fans to stay tuned. Is she about to drop her own cannabis brand or star in a new show?

Instagram @_dankdaniii

Dope DJ TJ Mizell and his brother Jesse Mizell, sons of the legendary Run DMC DJ, Jam Master Jay, were in the house with their crew. Smoke Dza was on hand to support the Mizell brothers’ weed brand,  Jam Master Jays.

(L-R) Rapper Smoke Dza and DJ TJ Mizell. Image  ©Spenser Hartung, courtesy of Jam Master Jays.

Jam Master Jays,  aptly named in homage to the Mizell brothers’ late dad, who was known to smoke weed every day. “Jays” is a pun on the late DJ’s name as well as being short for joint, as in smoke a J. 

JMJ’s cannabis cultivator Tanner Cochran was on site as well (not pictured) to help promote the brand.

(L-R) Jesse Mizell, Jojo Simmons, and TJ Mizell. Photo courtesy of Spenser Hartung.

Brotivational speaker Gary Vee was on hand, offering up his special brand of business advice. 

“No one gives a f—k about your feelings,” is Vee’s main mantra. “So stop whining and start winning.”  Vee gave the keynote at the previous version of Hall of Flowers, pre-pandemic.

Instagram @grupoflor_freddy

System of a Down bassist, Armenian activist, and founder of the cannabis lifestyle brand 22 Red, Shavo Odadjian, was strolling the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, checking out the outdoor activations. He stopped to snap a pic with fellow Armenian, cannabis aficionado Baba Berj.

(L-R) Shavo of 22 Red and Baba Berj, image ©Caroline Murphy / @VirginaisforTokers

This year, Jim Belushi of 93-acre Oregon-based cannabis cultivation site, Belushi’s Farm, made an inaugural appearance, telling Forbes, “I’ve been hearing about Hall of Flowers for a while now. I get excited to attend any cannabis event because the community is enlightened. And if they aren’t enlightened the plant will drag them there, and I want to be there when it happens.”

Instagram @belushisfarm

Mike Tyson was there in spirit via a cardboard representation of himself.

The next iteration of Hall of Flowers takes place on October 20-22 in Las Vegas. Be sure to bring your selfie stick because you never know who you might run into.

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