CenturionPro Announces New Mini Buckers for Hemp Harvests

CenturionPro Announces New Mini Buckers for Hemp Harvests


We love to highlight innovative companies working to amplify the cannabis and hemp industries.

CenturionPro, an award-winning  manufacturer of cannabis and hemp harvesting solutions, has been hard at work creating a new product line to simplify the harvesting process for cultivators.

With the hemp market expected to reach USD $36 billion by 2026, it’s an exciting time to watch our budding industry grow, learn, and prosper.

With the continuously high demand for hemp, every day we’re seeing more groundbreaking technology to make the cultivation process easier. 

CenturionPro’s latest creation is Mini Buckers.

CenturionPro GC Mini Bucker.

They were created to streamline small- to medium-sized operations with the benefit of being less expensive. 

The GC Mini and the HP Mini were inspired by the company’s best-selling GC1 and HP1 Bucking Machines, which have the ability to process wet and dry plants.

The Mini versions are scaled down for enhanced portability and affordability.

The GC Mini, GC standing for ‘Gentle Cut,’ stands out as being the industry’s first machine specifically designed for destemming dry and delicate cannabis plants for only $3,695.

Centurion Pro HP Mini Bucker.

The $8,495 MP Mini, or “High Performance Mini,” uses two rollers that pull stems into the bucker, allowing for a faster, more efficient destemming. 

“The best and broadest range of buckers just got broader,” says Karl Lundgren, VP of Marketing at CenturionPro Solutions.

“As cannabis and hemp markets expand globally, we are committed to helping growers of all sizes maximize their harvests. Harvesting is incredibly labor intensive, so small cultivators needed a solution to streamline the task and boost profitability.”

All photographs courtesy of CenturionPro Solutions, Inc.

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