Uruguay Pharmacies to Sell Stronger Cannabis

Uruguay Pharmacies to Sell Stronger Cannabis


Lawmakers in Uruguay made history by passing an adult-use legalization measure that was signed into law in late 2013.

Uruguay will forever be known as the first country on earth to legalize cannabis for adult use, as well as the first country to allow legal adult-use cannabis sales.

Only one other country, Canada (2018), has legalized cannabis for adult use.

Uruguay’s legalization model differs quite a bit from Canada, with one of the biggest differences being who can legally purchase cannabis.

Buying Cannabis In Uruguay Compared To Canada

In Canada, legal adult-use cannabis purchases can be made by anyone of legal age, whereas in Uruguay only residents can make purchases.

Canada’s industry model involves storefront dispensaries and/or home delivery depending on where someone lives.

In Uruguay, consumers can either cultivate their own cannabis at home (similar to Canada), they can join a cannabis club and receive cannabis through it, or they can make a purchase at a regulated pharmacy.

Because of the differences in industries, cannabis tourism is obviously more popular in Canada than it is in Uruguay.

Within Uruguay, some options for acquiring cannabis are more appealing than others because of THC limits at pharmacies, although that will be changing.

Higher THC Cannabis Flower

Once legal cannabis sales launched in pharmacies in Uruguay in 2017 a THC cap was instituted for cannabis flower.

Historically, there were only two options at pharmacies: an in ‘indica’ option or a ‘sativa’ option, both with only 2% THC in them.

Fortunately, the THC cap for pharmacy cannabis will be raised to 10%, giving consumers better options.

The former THC cap, as well as the updated one, is ridiculous. It’s not as if it prevented consumers from acquiring stronger cannabis because they could do so through clubs or by cultivating their own.

Consumers should have the option to purchase whatever strength of cannabis growers can supply, both in Uruguay and beyond.

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